Consignment Basics

Sports Plus has been consigning quality used sports equipment for nearly 40 years.

We do not 'buy'

We SELL your gear for you

  1. Bring in your clean,  washed + unwanted sporting goods
  2. Relax or shop while we sort + appraise your gear
  3. Use your consignor # to see if your item has sold
  4. After it sells, pickup your $$$ - OR - Receive an extra 10% if you choose to use as store credit


  1. Bring items for the current season
  2. Clean it/wipe it/spray it - Your freshened item it will be more appealing!
  3. Include any attachments, add-ons or accessories
  4. If you can't remember when you bought it, resale value may be minimal
  5. Detach! We will list your item 'priced to sell

All Sports Plus consignments are on a 50/50 split

Consignments typically last 90 days. Winter items are consigned seasonally.
Sports Plus reserves the right to refuse any consignment items based on physical appearance and condition.
Sports Plus does not purchase gear from you. You get paid once your item sells.

Our online portal makes it easy and convenient for you to track the status of your items while they are in our store.

You are always welcome to email the store with pictures of items you would like to bring in if you are unsure we would be interested. We usually can get back to you within a day or two.