• Full Service Tune-Ups
  • Tube replacement for bikes, strollers, trailers
  • Repair

Ice + Hockey Skate

  • Figure Sharpen
  • Hockey Sharpen

Ask about our frequent-sharpen program!


  • Build
  • Replacement parts
  • Custom grip

Inline Skates

  • Wheel replacement
  • Wheel cleaning, rotation
  • Bearing replacement
  • Brake replacement


  • Baseball gloves
  • Lacrosse sticks


  • Tennis rackets

Skis + Boards

  • Binding adjustment, mounting
  • Tune
  • Sharpen
  • Base Repair

Ski + Board service is only offered during the winter months. We can happily adjust or mount any binding on approved and in-date equipment according to current published indemnification lists.

Next Steps...

For best results, bring your gear to us so we can give you the best estimate and information.